31 December 2007


Time for blogging about the Christmas gifts now unwrapped by their owners. I made this scarf for my husband. I used left overs only, mostly Shetland's wool from Hanne Falkenberg kits, but also some Finull and Pt2 left overs.

I simply CO about 330 sts, working garter stitch all the way, changing colors at random. Then I picked up sts along each edge (1 st for each ridge), worked a few rows of garter stitch, and BO. I made sure I worked all edges in the same color, to ensure a tidy look.

If I was to make another one, I think I would make it a little bit longer (CO a few more sts, maybe 150 at this gauge), still I'm pleased with the result, and so is my husband.

Garf specs:
Pattern: My own.
Yarn: Hanne Falkenberg's Shetland's wool, Finull by Rauma and Pt2 by Per Tryving

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