27 April 2007


I've never really appreciated the fascination for knitting socks. The ribbed ragg socks knitted with quite thick yarn (often grey..) that I usually see around in the real world just haven't appealed to me. Then I discovered the new world of sock knitting. Fingering weight yarn. Lace or another interesting pattern. But most of all - the never ending ways of knitting a sock. I've fallen in love with the toe-up construction, I like trying the sock on while knitting, and not having to calculate how much yarn you need for a long enough cuff.. I've almost finished my very first sock, and I'm looking forward to knitting the other. And more socks. The idea of having enough hand knit socks to actually use hand knits instead of boring black socks..

These are only a few of the socks I'd like to knit..

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mames said...

thanks for the cooment, tora, i love hearing from the moms of twins, it is such a special group to belong to. your reassurances are much appreciated, especially in these first weeks when we are trying to figure it all out. do you have girls/boys? 2 years...whew...seems so far away.