23 March 2007

Vintage lace pattern

I've been working on a new project for a week or so, a sort of vest or something - kind of inventing it as I knit. It's going to be a lace thing, from a lace pattern found in an old knitting book from 1952. I got it from my step grandma who got it when her son was born. It contains mostly clothes for kids, but there are also some adult patterns. Some of the patterns are hilarious (like bathing trunks for boys, or daddy's smoking jacket..), others are quite nice. I'll take som pictures from it one day.
Here's a sample of the lace pattern. I almost gave up on it, because in the book, it's all written out, and reading it as it was, I couldn't see the logic. But when I draw it, it turned out not only logical but also very easy to remember. So now I knit almost without looking at the pattern, and I love it!

I also love the yarn, thin alpacca once again, and the colour! A rusty warm red. Since I haven't figured out how to end the project, it certainly has the potencial of turning into an UFO, but so far it knits up fast, and I enjoy the journey. Despite the lace, it's actually quite compatible with watching TV as well, and that is always an advantage when it comes to finishing the project.

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