27 March 2007

Vintage lace vest growing

This is how far I've come with the lace. I enjoy working on it. I just regret not having made the rib longer, cause that would have suited the lace better. Does anyone know how to fix that without frogging the whole thing?

I have still not decided how to end it. I tried it on today, and found out I'll probably add some waist shaping. But straps or short sleeves..? Not quite sure. It's actually the result of the inspiration I got from a picture I saw on a blog. It wasn't an FO or anything, and might not be hand knit at all (but I doubt it..). I think it was the friend of the blogger pictured with the blog owner, and the friend had a a green lace strap top. It was so beautiful, but now I can't find it..

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Dipsy said...

Oh, this is coming along so beautifully - what a great pattern, and the colour is marvellous too! I'm sorry that I'm of not much help concerning the rib-part - but it seems to be perfect as it is on the pic! Happy Knitting!