29 March 2007

Shifting Sands scarf

I've cast on for Grumperina's lovely Shifting Sands scarf. It's for my DH, who doesn't really wear woll scarves. Instead, he puts on multiples of thin cotton scarves when the temperature asks for a bit more than a single one.. So, when I showed him Jared's beautiful yellow scarf, he instantly agreed on my idea. As long as it won't be too wide, and it's long enough, he'll wear it. Since he's kind of a warm type, I chose Garnstudio's Silke-tweed for it's 52% silk. The rest is lamb's wool. The knitted fabric is a bit stiff, but at the same time very soft. An inconsistency, yes, but that's still the way I see it..

I really like the texture made from all the small cables, but all the cables on the RSs and the purls on the WSs also definitely have the potencial of turning the whole thing into an UFO..

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Amanda1 said...

What a beautiful color!